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Training/Colt Starting

“Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.”

- Alexander Graham Bell

The 5 P's Principle

Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance



Our approach to working with horses emphasizes proper preparation to ensure riding can, and should be, no big deal! When your horse is able to understand what you are asking of them, the possibilities of what they are willing to offer become endless. Here at Legacy Horse Company, we specialize in offering a thorough training program where we take the time to work our horses from the ground up and prepare them for a lifetime of success. Our goal is to help any horse learn to be a quiet, confident and happy partner by teaching them to respond soft and supple through their mind, body and feet. From colt starting and finishing aged horses to problem solving and troubleshooting, we can help you achieve your riding goals. Call us today to discuss your horses future!

 Johnny Jerviss (307)331-9379



Horses in our program are exposed to:

-Effective groundwork to create soft, timely responses that will directly transfer to riding in the saddle

-Good behavior, Barn manners and etiquette

-Proper Arena Riding and Maneuvers

-Safely riding outside on the Ranch and trails

-Roping and cow work

-Obstacles and so much more!

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