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Equine Lay-Ups and Rehab

Here at Legacy Horse Company, we take horse health and soundness extremely seriously and have the facility and the know-how to be a helping hand in rehabbing horses that need stall-rest, daily care of healing injuries and recovery time. Working closely with owners and their veterinarian of choice, we can provide the space and the hands on experience to hopefully allow your horse to return to optimal health or performance.


Things we can provide:

-Large comfortable stalls with windows for horses that must remain on stall rest for an extended period of time.

-24/7 in-stall camera monitoring

-Small adjustable turn out areas that can be made smaller or larger depending on how contained the horse must remain.

-An Equisizer/hot walker with adjustable speeds for controlled and closely monitored exercise.

-An extensive knowledge of equine veterinary first aid and wound care. Daily cleaning and wrapping of wounds/surgical sites.

-The ability to administer medications and antibiotics provided by your veterinarian orally, intramuscularly, or intravenously.

-The ability to handle horses that get fractious and fresh because of the needed time of rest.

If you have an equine partner who is needing time to recover and you lack the time or the proper facilities needed to be able to help them at home, Give us a call to discuss your horse and their specific needs as well to learn about our daily/monthly rates.

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