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Buyer Responsibility

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Before contacting us make sure you that you have read through this to ensure that you are prepared to begin working with us to look for a suitable mount for you. Buyers have an obligation to represent their skill level and intentions honestly. Help us to help you with accurate representation of riding limits, fears, experience level,  confidence level, and riding goals that you hope to accomplish. Good horsemanship is key to happy horse ownership. Buyers who don't take the time to learn good horsemanship practices tend to ruin good horses quickly. Remember that no horse is ever truly "finished." They are sensitive critters that continue to learn new behaviors over the span of their lifetime, whether good or bad. A novice or uneducated horseman can create unwanted or resistant behavior in just a few rides if they aren't careful. Proper horsemanship will keep you and your new mount on the path to success.